Our core quality control and management philosophy is modeled on the Continuous Improvement Cycle of Deming. Agile, Six Sigma and ISO practices are closely followed in the daily work management practices of the organization and these are integrated into Quality Management System (QMS).

We as team Linkstream strive to deliver the best value to our clients through a combination of highly experienced workforce, defined processes, state-of-art technologies and client management solutions. Our commitment towards our work and clients keeps us ahead of market competition The industry specialization starts with the positioning of the subject matter expert in the respective projects - the positioning of such expertise depends upon either the project requirements or is a consequence of the conscious decision taken by Linkstream. In either case the project tem has the benefits of such expertise throughout the life cycle of the project.

The subject matter experts are used during the system review which takes place at all the intervening stages in the life cycle of the project, Such a review ensures that the project meets the project requirements - both existing and the projected to a large measure.

Linkstream has developed expertise in the following areas :


Real Estate

Health Care

Project Manufacturing