Linkstream has trained and helped several major global organizations to implement process frameworks, improving business performance through increased productivity and reduced cycle times. Our Business Process Consulting Practice (PCP) leverages our in-depth expertise in process, people, and technology and our deep domain knowledge, gained through internal process improvement initiatives.

However, any offshore strategy formulated around achieving these benefits, has been adding little or nothing when it comes to ensuring the alignment of IT with business. Various industry research estimates that 80% of IT budgets go into maintaining existing applications, leaving only 20% for new projects. In addition, economic and regulatory frameworks over the last few years have resulted in several emerging challenges for organizations. Such dynamic considerations have made it imperative for them to assess the financial viability of their IT portfolio. With most organizations' applications being supported from offshore, it is very important to have business-IT alignment as a part of their offshore strategy. In addition, the selection of an appropriate offshore engagement model also becomes a key issue as organizations go forward on the Transformational Offshore Outsourcing Path. Though traditionally organizations have been concentrating on ODC as the only possible solution, there has to be a focus on other engagement models (like BOT, JV, Captive, etc.) as a part of their evaluation process.

Linkstream's Business Process Consulting Practice works closely with clients to assist in the definition and introduction of rapid, optimized processes tailored for specific business needs. We work with client organizations through ongoing training, mentoring, and management assistance to ensure successful introduction of new methods – and achieve the best possible results. We have partnered with numerous Fortune 500 clients across the globe on process improvement initiatives, in diverse verticals including Manufacturing, BFSI, and Utilities.

We offer the following end-to-end Process Consulting services:

Process Diagnostics

Model-based Process Improvement

Focused Process Solutions

Six Sigma Methodology

Quality Management & Training

Customized Solutions

ITIL Process Services

Process improvement is a way to business excellence. Process quality can be determined by Process-specific metrics and Process Maturity. A good process framework helps improve business performance through increased productivity and reduced cycle times and helps deliver high quality products.

Linkstream's Process Consulting Practice (PCP) offers customers a complete range of process improvement related solutions that covers the best of process/quality models and applied proven methodology and practices. PCP facilitates organizations to move to new levels of business excellence through incremental process improvements that are either benchmarked against established models (ISO/CMM/Prince2) or focused on specific process areas of improvement. Incremental and breakthrough process improvements have been achieved through our Six Sigma practice. Our experience with RUP and Agile can be well leveraged to benefit the client's organization.

Linkstream's expertise in Process Consulting results from its investment of over 4000 person-months effort in various Quality Improvement initiatives. Linkstream's PCP drive is supported by its three key entities: the Engineering Process Group responsible for definition of processes, the Quality Assurance Group spearheading implementation, and institutionalization, and the Delivery Innovation Group providing accelerated support to process improvement initiatives.

Linkstream has provided Process Consultancy to Fortune 500 clients across industry segments. Deploying domain experts having relevant experience, we provide practical solutions with maximum offshore leverage impacting the top/bottom lines directly. Our knowledge management system helps our consultants to leverage the tacit knowledge and provide the best solution.


Linkstream's Process Consulting services are always aimed at exceeding clients' expectations. Our methodology adopts a collaborative approach with client's practitioners for successful implementation. We have developed robust methodologies that allow us to get projects underway rapidly and produce high-quality results using a predictable low-risk approach. We also ensure smooth knowledge transfer to the client's core team to ensure continual process improvements.

Process Scoping

Linkstream consultants interact with the client through structured questionnaires, interviews and meetings, and identify their requirements to determine the scope of the process. Scoping is also based on the priority of areas requiring improvement and the related action plan. To achieve enterprise-wide process improvement initiatives, we initiate with diagnostic studies and gap analysis.

Process Definition

The next phase comprises definition of processes or enhancing the client’s existing processes. This is supplemented with concurrent process training for client’s practitioners involved in the definition activity. This phase ends with piloting the defined processes before rolling them out for organizational use.

Process Institutionalization

In this phase, the defined processes are implemented after successful pilot completion. Strategic Edge imparts training on the new processes to the client’s users and also ensures compliance of the new processes through process audits and interim assessments.

Process Validation

In this phase, our consultants ensure that the institutionalized processes are stabilized and help in validation of the process improvement through assessments or independent third-party audits

Process Diagnostics

Linkstream diagnoses the existing processes in an organization and develops a road map for Process improvement. We adopt a high-level methodical approach to explore process improvement areas and recommend a suitable solution (model based/non-model based) to achieve process improvements.