Given the current global economic climate, IT budgets are monitored closely and are under a lot of scrutiny. CFOs need justifications for the IT spend, that CIOs see as obvious and crucial for the Business As Usual. With the role of IT becoming more imperative and business-enabling than before, CIOs will need to rightfully communicating the value of IT to business and also realign IT spend as per changing business priorities.

Linkstream's Strategic Cost Optimization allows organizations to gain transparency into IT cost enabling them to make informed decisions about IT cost reductions as well as new investments. The program engages multiple cost levers and is effectively designed to help clients transform their current IT cost structure to deliver immediate impact. The framework is structured on the basic premise that ‘cost optimization’ can be achieved by tackling key cost parameters in a business through a two-pronged approach, namely ‘optimization of IT costs’ and ‘optimization of business costs through IT initiatives’. Based on the requirements, Linkstream adopts either the IT-centric or Business-centric approach for cost optimization. This enables our clients to harness and communicate the value of IT and its contribution to the business with greater effectiveness, thus creating a strong partnership between business & IT.

Strategic Cost Optimization Features

Structured and Comprehensive approach to Cost Transformation

Aligns IT Costs with Organization’s Strategies

Upfront Investment in client’s Cost Transformation initiatives

Program Approach

Discover the current IT & Business Cost Structure

Analyze the spending of Business & IT Services

Create Cost Optimization Roadmap

Program Benefits

Improved Cost Transparency

Long-term & Sustainable Cost Reduction

Improved Financial Governance

Committed Cost-Savings

Organizations that are saddled with loosely integrated, complex IT systems have to, however, transform their IT Services (IS) Organization itself to ensure that IT improves operating efficiencies, reduces operating costs, ensures regulatory compliance and business agility, helps business growth, and enhances business value.

How Linkstream Consulting can help you

Linkstream helps enterprises transform their IT landscape by streamlining the IT processes, rationalizing the existing technology base; and enabling them to take advantage of modern, business-friendly technologies guided by a best-in-class governance structure to better align the IT system to the needs of the business.

Linkstream's IT Transformation Services

Linkstream's expertise extends across the entire gamut of the IT transformation landscape right from assessing the organizational maturity to developing a transformation strategy and ensuring successful execution of the program.

Linkstream's service offerings can be broadly categorized into two areas:

IT Transformation Assessment

Leveraging its 'IS Organization Maturity Model' and 'Discovery Process', Linkstream assesses the capability maturity of an enterprise's IS Organization and creates an IT Transformation roadmap, identifying various transformational focus areas and providing recommendations to optimize the IT infrastructure and make it more efficient and adaptable. Some key areas for transformation include Infrastructure Transformation, Application Transformation, Business Process Transformation, IT Process Transformation, and Sourcing Transformation.

Program Management & Governance

Linkstream takes on end-to-end responsibility for ensuring the success of the transformation program, leveraging its proven governance capabilities.

Advantage Linkstream

Linkstream leverages its deep domain knowledge of multiple industry verticals, vast technology expertise, and proven experience in providing IT Services to more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies over a span of three decades, to ensure comprehensive, effective and value-driven IT Transformation for its clients.

Our suite of Transformation methodologies, processes, tools, and accelerators facilitates the client's transformational program, thereby speeding time-to-market and ensuring optimal cost benefits.

Our IT Transformation services will enable an enterprise's IS Organization to evolve into an 'innovative business partner' that can foresee business changes and provide analytics that enable the business to take more informed decisions.