Our core quality control and management philosophy is modeled on the Continuous Improvement Cycle of Deming. Agile, Six Sigma and ISO practices are closely followed in the daily work management practices of the organization and these are integrated into Quality Management System (QMS).

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Six Sigma

Six Sigma is both a management practice as well as a capability measure. At Linkstream, Six Sigma is a management practice systematically undertaken to enhance the capability of our business processes to better meet/exceed customer specifications, resulting in a tangible business gain. We have defined standard operating procedures and methodologies utilizing tools, training and measurements to enable us to design and deliver software products and processes that meet customer expectations and can be produced at Six Sigma quality levels.

Six Sigma has changed the way in which our people approach work and strive towards delivering the best to our customers. As part of our business process outsourcing engagement with clients, we handle mature and stable business processes for them. We have a robust metrics system for measuring, tracking and managing these processes. The approach enables clients to retain strategic control over their outsourced functions while enjoying the benefits of enhanced service and quality at lower cost.

Adherence to rigorous quality and Six Sigma standards provides a quantifiable benchmark and encourages adoption of best practices in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and our employees.

We are constantly moving towards this capability not as a pre-requisite, but more as a target destination on a journey.